Slaying Spring Cleaning- 5 Tips You Can Start Using Now

Spring is here and one of the first things I like to is DEEP CLEAN my house. Last weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning my house (about 6 hours each day) and I have never felt better in my space. Now, we all know there are like 2 types of cleaning that us moms tend to do. There is the 'I am going to clean just enough so my house doesn't look disgusting" type of clean and there is also the "I may be on Adderall with how much I am cleaning" type of clean. Hey, there's levels to this.

My weekend of Spring cleaning was most the level 10 version of deep-cleaning. I moved furniture, dusted and cleaned windows, organized my closets and cabinets- I was going HAM. Afterwards, my space felt 20x lighter and refreshed. For me, cleaning can be therapeutic and having a clean home is definitely a form of self- care for me. When my space looks good, I feel good.

So let’s get into it... Here are my top 5 cleaning tips/hacks that you can start doing NOW during your spring-cleaning duties.

1. Start Cleaning in Zones- Don't try to tackle it all at one time

This tip may be more relevant for people who have large homes, but for me I know I have to clean my house in zones. Usually, I clean my kitchen and bathrooms first, then the full downstairs, then upstairs and then, laundry. Having dedicated focus areas helps me stay focused and not get distracted. Usually, I focus on specific tasks first and I always tackle the very thing I hate when I first START so I wont procrastinate (hello mopping).

PRO TIP- Cleaning to 90's slow jams or Anita Baker is my thing. Find what you need to listen to that makes you motivated and jam to it.

2.Cancel Cabinets, Closets and Clutter

Clutter is the WORST when you are trying to organize. Random papers, old bills and mismatched cords fill up space that can cloud your mind and your energy. Make it a priority to clean and organize your closets. Take a trash bag and be ruthless when you are deciding what to keep and what to throw away.

When organizing your closets, you may have to go out and purchase supplies like hangers and storage baskets to keep all of your stuff contained. Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls can all be great places to buy organization tools without breaking the bank. If you are on a major budget, Dollar Tree works also.

PRO TIP: When organizing your linen closet, fold up fitted and flat sheets and store them inside of the matching pillowcase.

3. Vinegar, It's Magic

My husband hates when I clean with vinegar, but honestly it is one of the best cleaning tools I have ever used. Regular white distilled vinegar is about $1.00 from the grocery store and has a MILLION uses in your home. I mix vinegar with blue dawn dish soap in an old spray bottle and use it to clean fabric stains, mop floors and appliances. If the smell bothers you too much, you can always mix a few drops of essential oils into your spray bottle to dilute the vinegar smell.

PRO TIP: If you have fabric dining chairs or an upholstered couch, use the vinegar and soap mixture to refresh your fabric surfaces. Spray the area liberally with the vinegar mixture, scrub with a scrub brush and let it airdry.

If your microwave has baked on grime inside of it, a cup of heated white vinegar left in your microwave to steam is an amazing tool to wipe off grime and grease. Just heat up a cup of white vinegar, leave it inside of your microwave to steam for a few minutes, then take a paper-towel and wipe out all of the grease and grime. NO MORE SCRUBBING. Thank me later <3

4. Old Socks? Clean Your Windows

First of all, cleaning your windows (both inside and out) gives your space a dramatic facelift. I am not sure why, it just does. I was always someone who cleaned the inside of her windows, but I neglected the outside and let me just say, those things were DIRTY. If you have old socks laying around without matches, use them to clean your windows. Old socks will not leave streaks on your window and they are easy to use (just slide your hand in them and go).

PRO TIP- I use my vinegar, soap and water mixture for cleaning my windows. I never get streaks and it cuts the dust very well.

5. Wrap it Up- Your Cords that is

Loose cords and wires showing in your home can be a big eyesore. If possible, camouflage and hide your loose, showing cords and wires. Both TJ Maxx and Amazon have great solutions for wire and cord maintenance that are very inexpensive. Take 10 minutes to detangle the ball of cords and wires you have laying in your home. Dispose of old electronics that you are not using and consider storing electronics that do not get regular use. Baskets, shelving and styling accents can easily help to hide cords and wires that are necessary.

PRO TIP- A painted (the color of your wall or baseboard) PVC pipe cut to size can be a great tool to organize and house wires into one long tube. PVC pipe comes in a variety of sizes and is very inexpensive.

Deep cleaning my space makes me feel so refreshed. With Spring here, I feel like it is so necessary to shed all of the dirt, grime and bad energy from the Winter season so I can tackle all of the goals I have for quarter 2. How do you prepare for Spring? What are some of your favorite cleaning tips and tricks for keeping your house clean? I would love to hear from you

Until Next Week


Nikki D

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