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In 2 weeks Marz will be 2 months old and I would be lying if I said the last 2 months have been easy. Every baby is different and Marz has not hesitated to let us know that he likes things his way ALL THE TIME. By week 2, it had become clear to me that Marz was not going to be an easy going baby like Nova was and we were going to be in for a crazy ride to get him comfortable and us, rested. From the moment Marz came home, he seemed to cry all the time- Literally 24/7. No matter what I tried, I could not get Marz to rest comfortably. Either he wanted to be held every second or he screamed for hours like he was always in pain. Sometimes, his cries and screams literally would make me break down in tears and make me feel like a terrible mom. Seeing your baby in pain or miserable is a super hopeless feeling for all parents and all of that mixed with after birth hormones made for a horrible recipe for my mental and physical health.

Now that we are rounding out week 8, things have become a lot easier with baby Marz than they were in the very beginning. In my journey to find peace and make him more comfortable, I tried a million baby products and I have compiled a list of them so you won't have to go through all of the trial and error I did. Good Luck!!

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Similac Soy Formula (for babies that cannot tolerate lactose)

Marz has tummy issues. Literally he has always been constipated or screaming in pain with gas, there is no in between with him. Although I do breastfeed, he has been supplemented with formula since he was 1 day old. Similac Soy has proven to be the best formula for him given his apparent lactose intolerance.

Dr. Brown's Bottles (literally a game changer. Helps with colic and gas)

Several of you put me on to these anti-colic bottles and they have been a game changer in how Marz eats and ultimately responds to his food.

Secrets of Tea- Baby Colic Calm Tea

I use this tea 3x a day. Once in the afternoon and for 2 bottles at night. This tea is all natural and is safe to give to babies either mixed with powder formula or injested (if you breastfeed). So far, it has helped him calm down at night which has resulted in less screaming and more sleep for me.

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water

I am not sure what type of magic they add into this Gripe Water but this brand has done an amazing job at settling Marz when he is crying or has gas.

Happi Tummi Heat Wrap

This heat wrap is amazing. All you do is microwave the removable pouch for 20 seconds and wrap it around your babies tummy to go to sleep. The warm feeling mixed with the softness of the wrap really helps Marz sleep when he is having a hard time.

Gerber's White Onesies

In the beginning, these baby onesies are the GOAT. I love how soft and breathable they are, especially at night. You may be thinking, why would I buy these basic baby t-shirts- JUST BUY THEM. Trust me they are amazing and cheap.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

März hates to be swaddled lol. Its most likely because he needs his arms free to be comfortable. These muslin blankets are great however because of how large they are and how breathable they are. If you need to breastfeed in public, these blankets are great to coverup with.

Infant Pacifier

None of my children liked a pacifier except for Marz, go figure. I find that he enjoys these ones more than any other brand so far. To keep him from being too dependent on them, we only give him one at night when he is sleeping

Baby Carrier

Marz likes to be held 24/7 and because that is impossible, we use this baby carrier around the house or out in public. The adjustable straps keep my back from aching and its easy to get him in the carrier and take him out.

White Noise Machine

In the womb, babies hear so many noises that it is clear why sleeping in a silent room just doesn't work for some. Marz needs white noise to fall asleep at night and this version has proven to be really handy. Once he has finished his bottle, I give him his pacifier and turn on the white noise machine and PRAY he falls asleep.

Mumbelli Sleep Pod

We were gifted a Mumbelli with Nova when she was born and she loved it. When I transitioned Marz out of our bed around week 3, I started putting him to sleep in the Mumbelli at night and so far, so good. I love this sleep pod because its washable, adjustable and its not too bulky like other bassinets.

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