Stuck at home? Here are 5 Things You Can Do Right Now During the Quarantine

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that 90% of the country is on lockdown right now because of the COVID-19 virus. While I have my own thoughts about the conspiracy theory probability of the entire thing, I will save that for another time. For now, I am just trying to stay sane, comfortable and somewhat productive during this pandemic.

With all of "extra" time on our hands being INSIDE of the house, NOW is a great time to try to rest, reflect and get things done that you otherwise do not have the time to do. While its hard not to stay glued to our phones and the news right now, try to limit distractions the best way you can. Not only will staying busy provide a sense of distraction, but it will also create a system and routine for you for the next few weeks that will make surviving indoors a bit easier.

1. Creating to Stay Calm

You know that "thing" you have been meaning to create forever? Now is the time to launch it. Whether you are a blogger, influencer or wanting to launch a new business- now is the time to get your creative juices flowing and get to work. Instead of scrolling IG all day, tap into setting up "creating hours" for yourself daily. For me, that looks like about 2-3 hours overnight while Marz is napping. Setting realistic working hours will keep you from feeling overwhelmed, but when all this is said and done- you will be able to launch your creative project confidently.

2. Cooking- Because You Got Food at Home

If we ever needed a major push for saving money and eating at home, this is it! Since most restaurants and bars are closed now- this is the time to get creative with cooking at home. If you have a family to feed like I do, a filling and easy dinner must be on the table every night. To gather inspiration, search Pinterest for easy, cost effective recipes that you can try. Instead of resorting to your usual weekly menu, try switching up your recipes. If you are brave, you can even get the kids to help prepare.

3. Organize & Prioritize

It may not feel like it today, but this virus situation is not going to last forever. The habits you start now can set you up for success after all of this is said and done. Start organizing your entire house top to bottom. To keep things from feeling overwhelming and out of control, start with 2 hours of organizing a day. I generally start by making a list of all the spaces I need to organize and survey those areas first just in case I need to order supplies to get the job done in advance.

Spaces to get organized:

- Closets: Get rid of all old outdated clothing

- Dresser Drawers: Folding your clothes will do wonders

- Linen & Utility Closets

- Bathroom: Vanity, storage and products

- Kitchen: Deep Clean every cabinet & drawer, throw out old & mismatching supplies

- Office Spaces: Discard old mail and organize documents

- Kid's Bedroom's: Old toys can be donated, clothes can be organized by season/ color/ occasion

4. Self- Care

Since most salons are closed, your self care routine will need to be done at home. Try out a new skin care routine, give yourself a blowout or deep conditioning treatment- NOW is a great time to give yourself a little TLC.

Bubble bath's and face cream is a great place to start, but for me- self care is anything that makes me feel good and at ease.

Comfortable and cute loungewear keeps me feeling comfy and cute even when I am relaxing so I suggest stocking up on some comfy loungewear staples like these since we will be at home for awhile.

5. Move Your Body

While we are all trying to practice social distancing, getting fresh air is still a priority. If possible, get outside to take a walk. You will be amazed at how fresh air can really brighten your mood after being in the house all day. If you have had a goal of getting more exercise, look to Youtube for fitness videos of workouts you can do from home that do not require any expensive equipment. The fitness habits that you establish now will only help you after all of this is done.

If you have kids at home like I do, getting outside is even more of a priority. If the weather is nice- take advantage of it!

Keeping a sense of normalcy during these CRAZY times is hard. While staying productive and positive are great, allowing ourselves to FEEL whatever we need to feel is super important. Whether you are dealing with feelings of fear, anxiousness, Depression or just confusion, now is not the time to isolate yourself. We can all practice social distancing without isolating ourselves from our loved ones. FaceTime your friends, host a Netflix binge night virtually, or get on one of these crazy TikTok dance challenges, whatever you need to do to get through this time is productive.

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