5 Beginner Houseplants That Even You Cant Kill

If you are anything like me, you probably spend hours pinning and saving inspo pics of trendy apartments filled with beautiful, lush houseplants. What can I say, I live for a good bohemian, relaxed vibe in my house and that is not accomplished without tall, amazon-like houseplants. I always say, no matter how dope your interior decor is, houseplants will act as the wig or earrings to your place- things will really just not be complete without them.

While my love for leafy greens is deep, my ability to care for them is inconsistent to say the least. I can pretend that I am Thumbellina all I want, but in reality I struggle even keeping fake plants alive. When I adopt a new plant, it always starts off the same way. First, things start off great and I'm feeling confident with my domestic, plant goddess abilities, you can't tell me nothing. Then, life gets the best of me and one missed watering session turns into two and before you know it, my plant is dead. To overcompensate, I am drowning my plant in water and by day 5, my plant is beyond brown and stiff and my confidence is shot.

So.. to save you on the struggles (and the wasted trips and endless coins spent at Home Depot), I have put together a list of my favorite 5 plants that even YOU cant kill. These leafy greens will shed some major light in your space, help to tie together your decor, calm your mental health (which we ALL need right now) and they are pretty to look at. What more can you ask for?

P.S. And if you happen to accidentally kill your plant (because hey, we are all human and life happens), I recently heard that you can return your dead plants to Home Depot for an exchange, no questions asked. I am not sure how true this is because I have been too embarrassed to try it, but hey, I thought I would share the tip with you guys just in case :)

PSA- There is absolutely nothing wrong with faux plants ladies. I do not want you guys to think I am anti-fake plant. I have several faux plants (and trees) in my house that I love. Faux plants can add a major statement to your space and they are virtually indestructible. If you are not ready to take on a real plant baby, but you still want to capture that bohemian, relaxed vibe in your space, faux plants are a good place to start. I have linked some of my favorite faux plants here

1. Snake Plant- I HATE snakes, but I love a good Snake Plant. Easily recognizable by its sharp, stiff leaves- the Snake plant is perfect for someone who needs a no nonsense, easy to care for plant. Snake plants can thrive in neglectful conditions (um, ya that means your house) and they can tolerate irregular light conditions as well. If you have messed up with plants in the past and you are really looking for some redemption, a Snake Plant may be a great option for you. I am always inspired by mid-century and modern decor and the Snake Plant really goes with that vibe beautifully.

2. ZZ Plant- Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

This is probably the most underrated plant out there. The ZZ plant is so easy to take care for it should be considered fake. I have had my two ZZ plants for over the last 3 years and both of them have been so easy to care for. ZZ plants can tolerate any light condition which makes them relatively easy to keep in any part of your home.

Like the Snake plant, the ZZ plant can go a long time without being watered. You are only required to water them when the soil feels dry to the touch which in my experience can be like 1x a week. I like to keep one of my ZZ plants in my master bathroom because the moisture from the shower and tub helps to keep my plant green and thriving. The ZZ plant is super underrated in my opinion and they are hands down one of my favorite house plant options. ZZ plants can grow to be pretty large and they are very forgiving of neglect.

3. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is a really pretty plant that can tolerate little to no sunlight, making it a great indoor plant to add to your collection. The Evergreen is a great plant for beginner plant mamas because they are so low maintenance, only requiring water when the soil is extremely dry to the touch. The Chinese Evergreen looks great styled on shelves, vanities, or on fireplace mantles because of their large green leaves that fan out beautifully. I like to store my Chinese Evergreen plants in small baskets (like these)

4. Liriope Plant

This plant is actually great for keeping in your home because it purifies the air while being relatively low maintenance. To me, the Liriope plant looks kind of like grass, just more stiff. The Liriope plant requires little to no light and only needs to be watered when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch. Liriope Plant's are generally not very large so I think they are great desk accessories. Adding a small plant like the Liriope to your space will give you the perfect amount of green accent in even the smallest or darkest areas of your home.

5. Corn Plant

If you are looking for a high statement plant that is relatively easy to care for, I recommend adopting a Corn Plant. While the name sounds kind of weird (it doesn't grow corn I swear), the Corn Plant looks more like a tropical tree than something that grows on a farm.

The leaves on a Corn Plant are super bright and green and they can grow to be pretty large in size. Unlike the Fiddle Leaf Fig or the Bird of Paradise tree, the Corn Plant doesn't require much in terms of sunlight (indirect sun is best) or watering. To keep this tree fresh, I recommend spritzing it weekly with a water bottle to keep it hydrated and healthy. In my living room, I currently have two Corn plants and I get compliments on them all of the time. I keep both of my trees by a window for in-direct sunlight and so far, that has been the perfect location to keep them.

Whether you are a seasoned plant mama or you have struggled to keep a cactus alive, I truly believe in the healing power of plants and gardening. Not only are plants a beautiful compliment to almost any space, but they also offer a wide variety of health benefits that we could ALL use right now. Second to paint, adding fresh plants to a room is probably one of my second favorite ways to refresh a space on a major budget.

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Get creative in your plant styling by incorporating baskets, metal bins and mid-century inspired planters throughout your home. To find the best planters, I love to shop discount stores like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, At Home Stores and of course, Amazon. Storing your indoor houseplants should not have to be boring and you should try to think outside of the box when it comes to what container your plant will be living in. Whatever storage option you decide, make sure it has adequate room for water drainage and plant growth for the best results.

What plants do you have in your home? What tips and tricks have you found to be successful in caring for your plant babies? Drop me a comment below and let me know how you are keeping your plant babies alive.



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