In the Spirit of Transparency- An Update

Happy Spring Equinox. For many people, Spring marks the start of the New Year, a  time where things can be renewed and refreshed- For me personally, I couldn't agree more. I wanted to intentionally take today to update you all on the status of Eunoia Lifestyle Co and share a bit of personal news as well.
Since founding Eunoia Lifestyle Co back in 2020, our brand has undergone so many transformations that have mirrored what I was going through in my personal life. The Eunoia customer tribe has been so loyal and supportive over the years and for that, I am so grateful and appreciative.
Over the last year, I have been navigating some pretty heavy personal transitions within my marriage, my health and overall life that have unintentionally impacted my business and effeciancy. Through the last 12 months, I have tried to maintain a positive attitude while upholding the values of my company and unintentionally I have fallen short in several areas. Through the midst of divorce, location relocations, health issues and just overall life, the level of customer service, new product launches and store growth has been inconsistent and for that, I would like to apologize.
Eunoia Lifestyle Co. is a women's lifestyle brand that has always supported the self-confidence and self-discovery of multilayered womxn in the pursuit of self. I would be missing an opportunity to be vulnerable and honest if I did not also share my valleys as much as I did my peaks. Through the last few months, I have been actively working on rebuilding myself, my health and most of all, my company in a way that is feel proud of.  I know that 2023 is offering not only me, but our company a chance to improve, refocus and realign ourselves back to our core values and for that, I am truly appreciative and most of all, excited.
Here are a few status updates/ notes
  • For customer orders that may have been delayed or inaccurate- We are in the midst of connecting with all of you individually to fix the issues. We apologize about the inconvenience and would like to offer a 40% off coupon (code SPRING40) as a small token of our appreciation for your understanding. For items that are no longer in stock- please allow 3-5 days for refunds to process.
  • ATL Store Hours- Our Atlanta based location is now open Tuesday- Wednesday 11-5 and Saturday from 12-9. In-store pickup is still available at checkout and walk-in shopping is welcome during our business hours. We are now located on the 2nd floor of Koncept House in Atlanta.
  • New Products/ Launches- Our newest Loungewear collection will launch on 3/26/23 and will feature a small, capsule collection of transitional spring looks that include 3 piece sets and basics. You can shop the rest of the site NOW on sale with 25% off using code SPRING25 at checkout. 
  • College Market Days: Eunoia still actively participates in college market days at our local Atlanta HBCU's on most Thursday's and Friday's from 11-5. Come see us for exclusive deals and merch.
Thank you for your understanding, love, well wishes and support during this transformative time. This company and your support means more to me than I could ever explain. I am looking forward to pushing forward with a renewed sense of energy and passion.

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