Welcome to Daily by Nikki 4.0- Relaunching the Blog

(clears throat)... hey guys, is this thing on?

After almost 2 years, I am so excited to reintroduce the Daily by Nikki blog to you all. This re-start has been a long time coming and even writing this post right now feels like a major accomplishment. If you were apart of the Daily by Nikki Blog tribe circa 2020, welcome back. If you are new here, I am so happy to have you.

Since starting Eunoia Lifestyle Co. back in 2019, my life and my business have changed drastically. From launching the brand with only stationery and a few graphic tees to now selling over 360 individual products, I never imagined that my idea to create a full lifestyle brand for Womxn would take off the way it has. In mid 2020, only 6 months after launching our online store, we opened our ATL showroom which allowed our customers to shop our products in a retail-setting.

(wait)... a store? What's the tea sis..

Our Atlanta boutique opened in August 2021 and has evolved drastically since. A space where you can get the full lifestyle experience of our brand, our boutique is a space that brings together all of the products we sell into one shapable experience. Yes, owning a showroom store has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life and also one of the most rewarding. Moving into our space, I had very limited experience with working in retail and I had no idea all of the everyday tasks that are required to open and scale a brick and mortar store. This process has taught me so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity own such a beautiful space. Looking towards the future, my goal is to expand our showroom space to a storefront location that could help build our retail traffic in a great community. 

When Eunoia Lifestyle Co. started, it was only an extension of my personal lifestyle blog Daily by Nikki D. I never intended for the Eunoia brand to expand beyond the safety net of my blog platform. As I continued to add shop pages to my blog site, our inventory of products expanded far beyond what my blog itself could house and thus, we transitioned Eunoia Lifestyle Co. into its own website. At the start of 2022, eunoialifestyleco.com launched and the rest as been smooth sailing ever since (sikkkkkeee it's been hella hard lol). Now that the Eunoia website is functioning (most of the time) and I have a better grasp on the in's and out's of running my store and my business, relaunching my Blog Daily by Nikki has been at the top of my goal list.

With this blog re-launch, I want to create a blog platform that not only inspires you, but is a space for open dialogue as well. I have always imagined the Eunoia Lifestyle platform to one day evolve into an online community of Womxn who are able to share, connect and engage with one another through online posts, content and even, social events.

So what can you expect with the new Daily by Nikki Blog?

Well, thoughtful and candid posts about all things lifestyle, wellness, fashion and business. There will be guest bloggers, interviews, videos and of course- my random thoughts and writing. To help you shop our amazing Eunoia products, I will be curating a monthly product guide so you can get the scoop on all of the dope stuff launching or in-store. How often will you be posting to this new blog?

Weekly!! Staying consistent with this new platform is my priority

Thank you! You inspire me more than you know

I am so excited to relaunch this blog so I can dive back into the community that inspired me to start Eunoia Lifestyle Co. in the first place. I hope that sharing my thoughts, my story and my goals not only inspires me, but inspires you as well.

Cheers to being back in the blogging world with this new relaunch, I can't wait to see the magic we are able to make on this platform and I appreciate you for showing up (virtually) to support.



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